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Hello All,

Welcome to yet another Microsoftee Blog!  My name is Jeff Alexander and I've been with Microsoft Australia now for 17 years.  Yes I know its a long time but hey you have to do something with your spare time.  My current role right now is Regional Data Centre Manager inside the Microsoft IT department.  I have alot of experience with how Microsoft deploy's it's own technology and have been at the coldface for about 3 years now.  I've been involved with our very early deployments of Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003; Windows Sharepoint Services and Systems Management Server 2003. 

I've seen the datacentre in Sydney grow steadily when I first started in the role; however as all companies are doing Microsoft decided that they had too many datacentres worldwide and emabarked on an extensive server consolidation project.  The goal is to get down to 3 datacentres worldwide.  This is a very aggresive target but using the Windows Server platform it has allowed us to in fact do more with a lot less.  Sorry!  Didn't mean to throw in a marketing term there.

On October 18th I will be moving again to a new team!  My new role wil be as an IT Pro Evangelist and I have to say this is the most excited I've been in my career because I get to work with external customers again.

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  1. William Luu says:

    Hi Jeff, welcome to the blogosphere mate!

    Great to see more Aussie Microsoftees blogging! 🙂

    Oh, and congrats on the new role!

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