Look for the Dudes’ interview with Richard Campbell on RunAsRadio, where I get into a discussion on Slow Boot/Slow Logon scenarios, tools to use and common culprits.  The spot appears on May the 18th! Links discussed on the interview are: Thanks! Jeff Stokes

The effects of Acoustic Management on rotational media disks.

So one of the trends I’ve been seeing in WDRAPs I’ve performed is that companies are making use of older hardware for newer tasks on a much more frequent basis than before.  Budgets seem to mandate a 4-5 year (or longer) pc recycle timeframe and the net result of this is companies are running their…

Why do I have long boot times? Pt 1

So one of the questions that comes to mind every now and then in technical circles (and outside as well) is “Why doesn’t it take so long for my machine to boot?”.  Just what’s going on in there while these friendly, soothing graphics come up on the screen, and I wait and wait for a…