PAL 2.3.1 released!

Why?  VMware template.  Awwww yeah, the Dude strike again.  If you are running in VMware, we can capture the memory ballooning driver and real processor util in the guest and publish it to a PAL report.   This release delivers!


PAL 2.3 with Multi-Threading!

PAL ( is a favorite tool of mine, written by Clint Huffman.  I’ve written about it a few times but maybe you weren’t aware that the newest release has multi-threading capability? It’s no in your face though really, just an option on the last page, the Execute page:     If you assign more than…


Introducing Windows Server 2012 Free e-book available

I highly recommend giving this a read so you are ready for Windows Server 2012.  The dude had a hand in proofing the book and even has a sidebar on page 25 on performance monitoring.  Give it a read, rumor has it there may be some floating around at TechEd Orlando and Amsterdam as well……


How to sustain your data collector set through a reboot!

This is a special post, from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFE) Vital Signs Instructors alias…something we felt should be shared. EDIT 2016: Note that Clint Huffman made a post to do this in logman in a black box recorder stype. I recommend following that too if you need the functionality: Clint's world, party time, excellent…