Windows 10 VDI Optimization Script

Hello party people! Dude here. Carl Luberti has worked some scriptastic magic on WIndows 10 to make it a friendly (er) VM guest for VDI. Edit – non-persistent pooled VMs may have issues. Undocumented/untested/etc. Twitter post is here  and includes a nice picture I took at Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia. If you prefer to go…


How To: Collect ETL/WPT tracing diagnostics when you can never logon to the host.

First, guess who's back?! Me! I left Microsoft of my own accord last year. I came back. I wrote this about my experience, I hope you enjoy it. There and back again, an IT tale… Anyways, I was asked a few times recently, Dude, how do you collect an ETW trace for boot/logon if the…


How to redirect Serial Ports in Windows Server 2012 RDS/VDI

This tip came to me from a question someone posed internally that we had to find an answer for by hunting someone down .   This property isn’t exposed in Server Managers’ UI, so you can set it by calling this powershell command:   Set-RDVirtualDesktopCollectionConfiguration –CollectionName <farm> –CustomRdpProperty “redirectcomports:i:1” Now the Remote Desktop Client will…


The Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE) view on Virtual Desktop (VDI) Density

For some, VDI is about density. How many guests can we stuff into a host with performance and user experience still at acceptable levels? This script is the clarion call for those, a herald in dark times of performance degradation. It is, the script a couple PFEs wrote… It makes an image lean but supportable….


TechStravaganza 2012, now with added flair!

In the immortal words of Ali-G, buyakasha!  Check it out, TechStravagana 2012 Atlanta is coming soon to the Microsoft office in Alpharetta! Much more information, including registration is located here: But below is the teaser, yes, the Dude will be presenting on VDI from 10:00-10:45 AM. Come on come all.  See you there, it’s…