Windows 8 Tip of the Day–Bitlocker

Today’s tip… Previously, BitLocker encryption has been an ‘all or nothing’.  Either a volume was completely encrypted or it was not.  Windows 8 brings us a new option, ‘Encrypt Used Disk Space Only’.  Just like it sounds, this option allows us to encrypt only the parts of the volume that are currently in use.  As…


How to get Best Practice Analyzers to collect with PowerShell!

This update comes to us from Chuck Timon, a SSEE in CTS…   In PowerShell, run – Get-BPAResult –ModelId Microsoft/Windows/Hyper-V > c:\temp\hyper—vbpa.txt Or to get a filtered output Get-BPAResult –ModelId Microsoft/Windows/Hyper-V | fl ComputerName,Severity,Category,Title,Compliance > c:\temp\hyper-vbpa_formatted.txt   How cool is that?!


Windows 8 Tip of the Day

Today’s tip… To quickly start your Windows8/Server 2012 machine – Bring up Charms (Winkey+I OR mouse around in bottom-right corner to bring up Charms) – Settings which brings up the below screens (at the regular desktop OR at the Modern Desktop)  


Windows 8 Tip of the Day–NTFS changes in Windows 8

Good Morning Internet, todays tip of the day is on Windows 8 and NTFS changes made: There is a fundamental change to NTFS in how we handle file system inconsistencies.  Previously, there were a number of reasons that Windows would mark the file system dirty and urge the user to run a Chkdsk /f.  Depending…


Tip of the Day for Windows 8!

A new blog series from the Great Robert Mitchell by way of the Dude!  Who is Robert Mitchell you may ask?!?!   He’s this guy: and and Anyway, this is a series that runs internally for folks and the Dude said “hey, why don’t we socialize this?” and Robert was like “no…