The dude is out

Dude here, I’ve left Microsoft, again. I don’t get notified when comments are left here as a result. Apologies for being a bad curator. I can’t take this content with me, I don’t think. So leaving here “for the record”. Best of luck, Jeff

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Enterprise administrators sometimes ask, how do I prevent Bluetooth file transfers or radio transmissions in Windows 10. If that’s your scenario, there is not (as time of writing) any GPO to manage this. So Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional Chris Jones to the rescue! PowerShell snippet fit for SCCM or MDT stunts below! # Must be run…


Office 365 and Office non-365 troubleshooters

I admit it, I got lost trying to format the reddit post (some comments nsfw) correctly with all the community additions. So I made a better formatted list here because I know how. (Not that I don’t want to learn, but today was a busy day, still is sadly). From Reddit, as I started my journey on…


Honored by the activity on Quora.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Link is the image or


MDT 2013 “no properties are available for this object” when viewing task sequence properties.

It was brought to my attention by a young pad-wan learner tonight that if you follow the instructions at the DeploymentGuys blog, the “Customising the MDT Task Sequence Editor” one, and then open a task sequence in the workbench, an error occurs resulting in a crash of the workbench console. The specific error appears as…


Man about town

Jeffs world, party time, excellent Hi some random stuff of late… Firstly, I had a head concussion, which is why I’ve been quiet lately… I had a head concussion a year ago February. This article I wrote on my blog is about some recovery I did and some insights I think are worth sharing. The article…


How to trigger a full memory dump based on a user mode process exception

Scenario: You have something kernel related triggering crashes of user mode processes (you think). You are trying to prove it. You're told you need a full memory dump of the system at time of the crash of the user mode process. How to do it? Glad you asked! <edit> (to back this out, delete the…


Windows 10 VDI Optimization Script

Hello party people! Dude here. Carl Luberti has worked some scriptastic magic on WIndows 10 to make it a friendly (er) VM guest for VDI. Edit – non-persistent pooled VMs may have issues. Undocumented/untested/etc. Twitter post is here  and includes a nice picture I took at Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia. If you prefer to go…


How To: Collect ETL/WPT tracing diagnostics when you can never logon to the host.

First, guess who's back?! Me! I left Microsoft of my own accord last year. I came back. I wrote this about my experience, I hope you enjoy it. There and back again, an IT tale… Anyways, I was asked a few times recently, Dude, how do you collect an ETW trace for boot/logon if the…


Today’s (Cloud) Tip…Performance Guidance for SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Post courtesy of Evan Basalik One of the most resource intensive applications you can run on Windows is SQL Server. To some extent, this is demonstrated by the vast amounts of performance guidance and troubleshooting documents that exist all over the web. When running SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine (i.e., IaaS), there is…