How to stand up a MediaWiki on Windows Server 2012 (10 easy steps with pictures)

Step 1.  Setup Windows Server 2012 (see my build a lab series for that if you don’t know how).

Step 2.  Patch it and name it blah blah.

Step 3.  Download Microsoft Web Platform 4.5:

Step 4.  Run it.


Step 5.  Click Database, then “MySQL Windows 5.1” and click “Add”


Step 6.  Click “Applications” and Select “Wiki on the left to sort it, then click “MediaWiki” and click “Add”.


Step 7.  Click “Install” and let ‘er rip!

Step 8.  Configure Password to a strong password.


Step 8.  Click Continue and then Check the box, help the people who write code to get feedback on their installers, and hit “I Accept” (or don’t, that’s cool too, you still need to hit “I Accept, but you don’t need to check the box).


Step 9.  Grab a drink and wait:




Filling in a pw here (pretty sure this should match what we put above, if not I’ll change it later):




After clicking finish it opens an IE 10 window to local host.  It looks like there was a bug where there were // instead of / after ‘localhost’ so I removed one and hit enter.  Then I got prompted to turn on “Intranet Security” as it was currently disabled on my 2012 Server (action bar at the bottom of the browser window).  After I did that I got this:


Step 10.  Do wiki stuff!  Share and enjoy!

-The Dude

Comments (11)

  1. alexnca says:

    Article is helpful.
    PI does not work well for multi version multi sites installation.
    PHP 5.4 was installed while 5.5 was present.
    Also, deployed a website (MediaWiki) with wrong name and location screwing up an existing site.

  2. Jeff Stokes says:

    Hey thanks 🙂

    Yeah i guess in theory you could always uninstall MySQL later or something. Hm.

  3. Brandon says:

    How on earth do you get the extensions operational in this method. The LocalSettings.php is all funky…

  4. laura says:

    I agree with Don. Jeff, I find this very helpful too. I only wish that MySQL and MediaWiki were two different packages. For our installation, MySQL will be on its own server.

  5. Don says:

    Man they need to update the mediawiki install page and link it to this article.
    Their install instructions were giving me a headache with configuring PHP and what not.

  6. Novus says:

    Thank you so much for this

  7. Petra says:

    Thanx for doing this sep-by-step manual ….. !!!

  8. Vladimir says:

    @Bjorn – the LDAP extenstion works on 2012 R2
    A bit of a headache till u make it work but it does for sure.

  9. Bjoern Graf says:

    Any experience installing an LDAP extension on 2012 R2? Will it work?

  10. Jeff Stokes says:

    Don thanks for that. I appreciate this helped someone, means a lot to know it 🙂


  11. Anonymous says:

    Awesome step-by-step, VERY helpful to me. Thank you!!