Building up a learning lab based on Windows 8 and Hyper-V, Part VI

So in our previous installment, we were at Server Manager, ready to configure our pristine Domain Controller.  So lets get to it!

First, click on “Local Server” on the left pane.


What do we notice in the image below?  Computer name is goofy so lets fix it.


Clik the hyperlink for the machine name, which brings up this interface below:

image       image

Clicking ok at that point rewards you with a reboot notice, click ok, then click ok again and restart.



So now when we logon again and select Local Server in Server Admin we get this view:


So lets shift to the right and address some housekeeping items, by the way in your lab, probably ok to ignore this:


At least for now…

So in a LAB environment where I might be web browsing from a server to collect software to install, I turn off IE ESC:


and then maybe I turn on Automatic Windows Updates (depends on if I am testing updates or not…


And apply some updates.  I do this before I enable the AD role, out of habit…


Install those patches and let it reboot.




So let it reboot, hit restart now.

Comments (3)

  1. Josh Rountree says:

    Any thoughts on domain naming?


  2. Anonymous says:


    If this is a test forest and is not going to be accessible from the internet it technically doesn't matter. If you are going to have it be accessible from the internet you would need to won that part. The naming of mydomain.local for internet certificates is going to be an issue in the future.…/no-more-local-names-in-the-certificate-starting-november-2015-msexchange-lync-ucoms-lync2010-microsoft-part1

    I'd just go with the or to make things simple.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant series, have you published part VII yet, I’m guessing thats a meaty one, if so can you publish an URL for it.

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