How to sustain your data collector set through a reboot!

This is a special post, from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFE) Vital Signs Instructors alias…something we felt should be shared. EDIT 2016: Note that Clint Huffman made a post to do this in logman in a black box recorder stype. I recommend following that too if you need the functionality: Clint's world, party time, excellent…


How to apply a bios update to the HP 8540w

I am primarily posting this to increase visibility.  I had many problems trying to apply the most recent bios to my 8540w, I always got an error that “SYSTEM DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NECESSARY WMI SUPPORT FOR THIS VERSION OF HPQFLASH” and something about a version 4… This is trying to apply version F.20… Turns…


Pal 2.1 is released

My buddy Clint Huffman, performance expert and all around great guy, has just released PAL 2.1! Pick it up, give it a whirl. It includes a threshold file for FAST search for SharePoint. Anyway, more coming from me soon.   Jeff