UnixLinux Process/Service Monitoring using Operations Manager 2007 R2

Unix\Linux  Process/Service Monitoring Things are getting interesting day by day, the Unix\Linux Service monitoring is quite a slick piece , apparently it goes beyond windows and helps me monitor my crucial services running on Linux/Unix boxes provided they are being managed by Operations Manager. This is fairly simple to setup but works like a champ….


Process Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2.

Process Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2.   This is something very simple yet very powerful and something we were missing for a long time, I have personally seen multiple versions to achieve this in previous versions including custom scripts but nothing is as flexible and powerful as this so decided to blog this. It…


Configuration Manager 2007 :: Device Monitor Pluggin for SCCM

Here’s another one of the interesting utility which I wrote for a customer as an example. So apparently the scenario was that customer was suspecting the Data Could have been compromised from their workstation using USB Devices. Although they had locked USB using group policy but still they wanted to track if a storage device…


Windows 2008 Powershell C# : The type or namespace name ‘Management’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System’

I was trying to use power shell from within my C# application on Windows Sever 2008.This somehow took me sometime to located the DLL, so here it is. Error 1 The type or namespace name ‘Management’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) f:\samples\<application>\<application>\Program.cs 4 14 <application> Added the reference to the System.Management.Automation.dll located at C:\Program…


SCVMM 2008 : C# and the SDK

All i wanted to do was to run SCVMM cmdlets from within my C# Application, here’s my example on how to get this done,   ============================================= using System; using System.Collections.ObjectModel; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Management; using System.Management.Automation; using System.Management.Automation.Runspaces;   namespace blogsvcmm {     class Program     {         static void Main(string[] args)        …


Configuration Manager 2007 : SMS_SITE_BACKUP SMS_SITE_VSS_WRITER not starting… whats my locale

This is probably one of the rare occurence but worth mentioning I thought, The SMS_SITE_BACKUP and SMS_SITE_VSS_WRITER Services are set to run under the LOCALSYSTEM.Whenever you attempt to start the service it would generate CRASHDUMP and stop with below exception, SMS Executive was not effected in this case.   ===========================================   EXCEPTION INFORMATION Time = 02/10/2009…


OpsMgr 2007 SP1: The case of failing Agent Install

Recently came across an issue where we were failing to install Opsmgr 2007 SP1 Agent on new network segment. These all seems to be Windows Server 2008 Servers, eventually it turned out to be an issue not specific to 2008 in particular. To narrow down on the cause we collected the verbose MSI log  …


Configuration Manager 2007 : Story of two ~~ and the SUP

This is something that took some time for me to figure out.Apparently this happened on my external SUP.But this is something you can come accross in a secured/firwalled enviornment. My SUP seems to be always in RED State, further log analysis revealed issue with the WSUS unable to initialize properly   ============  WSUSCtrl.log ============  Found WSUS Admin…