OPSMGR 2007 R2 Workflow failures. how do I find the rule

A lot of time you would encounter workflow failures , specially around custom created rules. At times it becomes difficult to find out where the rule resides , which class it was targetted to,   you would simply like to relate the Workflow Name to the Rule/Monitor in the UI.



We can use inbuilt View for Rules called Ruleview, here a query which will give you the details like, RuleName, which class it is targetted and which MP it resides in.


select Rules.Name as WorkflowId,Rules.DisplayName as RuleName, TargetClass.TypeName as Class, ManagementPack.MPFriendlyName as MP from ruleview  as Rules

join ManagedType as TargetClass


Rules.TargetMonitoringClassId = TargetClass.ManagedTypeId  join ManagementPack


Rules.ManagementPackId = ManagementPack.ManagementPackId

where Name like 'MOmUIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%'


Sample result is given below


Hope you find this information useful.
Cheers !!

Jeevan S Bisht

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