OMS SCOM 2012 R2 Error 2200: Unable to register to Advisor Server

[NOTE –  Operational Insights is now a part of Operations Management Suite. Learn more at ]  I had recently setup the OMS Suite for my lab, I was able to effortlessly add my standalone machine within minutes , second step was to add my newly built SCOM 2012 R2 with UR7. I ran into below…


OPSMGR 2007 R2 Workflow failures. how do I find the rule

A lot of time you would encounter workflow failures , specially around custom created rules. At times it becomes difficult to find out where the rule resides , which class it was targetted to,   you would simply like to relate the Workflow Name to the Rule/Monitor in the UI.     We can use inbuilt…


OPSMGR 2007: Service Level Dashboard Installation Rollbacks

If you have used the Service Level Dashboard  then you know if can be really powerful tool. If you have not , please refer the link: There have been few instances where the SLD Installation might rollback and you attempted this over and over again. The Windows Installer Logging could help you track down…


SCVMM 2008 /R2 Get-VMHost sometimes does not returning full list of VMs

This one is rather interesting, Came across an issue where when we call of the property of the VMHost is the VMS, which is esentially the list of VirtualMachines running on host. Apparently the List is not completely populated. Apparently this might happen if the VM propeties are not fully cached. To fix this…


SCCM / SMS : Collections not refreshing

One of the common issues i have seen over the years when all of a sudden the collections would not refresh and collection membership would not update.You might simply see the hour glass on the collections, Generally nothing was changed on existing collections but a new collection might have been added. This could generally happend…


Rebirth :: Back from the Ashes

Finally !! ready for the second innings after a two year break. Lots of exciting ideas and stuff to share. Thanks for all the great comments which really helped to kick start the blog again. I hope i do not disappoint folks out there !!


ISA 2006 MP 6.0.6648.0 does not discover Firewall Role when the Firewall is part of the workgroup

ISA Firewall Role discovery might fail under below condition   Environment ===========a) ISA Configuration Storage Server is a part of domainb) ISA Firewall Server is part of the workgroupc) Action Account Configured for Operations Manager is Local System.   The FirewallServerRoleDisc.vbs is failing with below event. Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Health Service ScriptEvent Category: NoneEvent…


UnixLinux Process/Service Monitoring using Operations Manager 2007 R2

Unix\Linux  Process/Service Monitoring Things are getting interesting day by day, the Unix\Linux Service monitoring is quite a slick piece , apparently it goes beyond windows and helps me monitor my crucial services running on Linux/Unix boxes provided they are being managed by Operations Manager. This is fairly simple to setup but works like a champ….


Process Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2.

Process Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2.   This is something very simple yet very powerful and something we were missing for a long time, I have personally seen multiple versions to achieve this in previous versions including custom scripts but nothing is as flexible and powerful as this so decided to blog this. It…


Configuration Manager 2007 :: Device Monitor Pluggin for SCCM

Here’s another one of the interesting utility which I wrote for a customer as an example. So apparently the scenario was that customer was suspecting the Data Could have been compromised from their workstation using USB Devices. Although they had locked USB using group policy but still they wanted to track if a storage device…