Changes to OpsMgr docs (System Center 2012) in Dec 2011

If you follow us on Twitter (@opsmandoc), you'll be hearing about updated documentation for the Release Candidate being available later this week. Both TechNet and the downloadable docs will be refreshed. The following are the significant changes you can expect, in addition to added links and minor language fixes:

  • The Authoring Guide adds a new topic, "Diagnostics and Recoveries".
  • "What's New" adds an introduction to using Orchestrator in place of connectors.
  • Supported Configurations:
    • Adds the requirement of .NET Framework 4 if a gateway server manages UNIX/Linux computers or network devices.
    • Adds the requirement to install the web console to view Application Performance Monitoring event details.
  • The Deployment Guide:
    • Clarifies the order to install a management server and the web console on the same computer.
    • Adds notes in regards to existing AVIcode 5.7 agents.
    • Adds a procedure for assigning UNIX/Linux agents to a resource pool.
  • The Operations Guide:
    • Adds more tasks to the "Quick Reference".
    • Adds the NOAPM parameter to the instructions for installing an agent from the command line.
    • Adds note for Solaris UTF-8 support.
    • Adds instructions on using a VLAN tag for network monitoring.
    • Adds instructions for changing the default session limit for the web console.
    • Adds instructions for using scripts to configure the Operations Manager Web Part on SharePoint
    • New topics
      • Control Access by Using the Health Service Lockdown Tool
      • Operations Manager Reports Library
      • How to View Group Members, State, and Diagram
      • Connecting Management Groups
      • Using Operations Manager Shell
      • How and When to Clear the Cache
      • Recommendations for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Operations Manager Tasks
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