OpsMgr 2012 release candidate docs: what’s different

Hope you all heard that the release candidate of Operations Manager 2012 is now available for download. The RC documentation is available on that download page and has also been updated on TechNet. So, as far as the documentation goes, what's changed?

  • What's New has been reorganized, with some art added, including an upgrade diagram and links to more detailed diagrams. Be sure to notice that the steps in the detailed diagrams each link to the corresponding content.
  • Key Concepts has been moved from the Operations Guide to the Getting Started section. In beta, it was basically a stub topic with a few paragraphs, but for RC more of the content has been filled in and it also has art added.
  • The release notes and Supported Configurations have been updated.
  • Sections of the Deployment Guide have been expanded since beta, such as single-server and distributed deployments. Disaster recovery has been added to the "Backup and Disaster Recovery" section, and also a number of procedures for "Making Changes to an Operations Manager Environment".
  • The Operations Guide has expanded content in a number of sections. "Application Monitoring Operator" has been added to the user roles. There is added information for UNIX/Linux credentials and for Run As account distribution. Information has been added to "Network Devices Supported for Discovery", which also links to Network Devices with Extended Monitoring Capability spreadsheet. The section on .NET Application Monitoring is also expanded.
  • Last but not least, the Authoring Guide and Cmdlet help are added to the library.
  • You also might notice a single topic for Report Authoring -- the Report Authoring Guide for Operations Manager 2007 R2 was just recently rewritten, and (other than the product name) the information is still applicable, so please continue to use the R2 guide for creating reports.    

There is still a lot of content to add - you can see a number of placeholders in the Operations Guide, for example, and we have the entire planning & design section of the Deployment Guide to add. We plan to refresh the TechNet library on a monthly basis to add the new content as it's written. The tentative target for the next refresh is 15 Dec -- follow us on Twitter (@opsmandoc) to be sure to get all announcements.

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