Which user role(s) can perform this task?

The content team is busily ramping up on doc plans for the next version of Operations Manager. (And I'll be very careful not to reveal anything about product changes, features, etc.) I'll be owning the operations content, so I'm working on new outlines and identifying current gaps.

As I was going through the current content, it seemed like we mention user roles in a few places but don't really integrate them in the rest of the content. I'm thinking for v.Next, I should add which user roles can do something for every task/procedure. So, if I'm a Read-Only Operator looking at the operator's guide, I can immediately see whether I can do this thing I'm looking up or not.

I don't know yet whether to include it at the beginning of each topic ("this information applies to the Operator user role"), at the end, preceding each procedure...somewhere consistent, definitely.

What do you think, would user roles be a useful addition to relevant topics? Or are user roles easy enough to understand that it isn't necessary?

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