"Back" not working on browser

Some sort of “widget” is taking over all sorts of web sites, it seems. A few weeks ago, I noticed that some web pages wouldn’t allow “Back” to work on my browser. When I hit the down button for back, there’d be a “widget.pulsemgr.com…” address between my search results and the page I’d gone to….


Which user role(s) can perform this task?

The content team is busily ramping up on doc plans for the next version of Operations Manager. (And I’ll be very careful not to reveal anything about product changes, features, etc.) I’ll be owning the operations content, so I’m working on new outlines and identifying current gaps. As I was going through the current content,…


Would you use an Operations chm for SCOM?

Currently, we post all of our Operations Manager documentation for download in doc format, and also post it on TechNet. And lately I’ve been thinking about whether we should also post .chms for download. I know .chm is a rather old-fashioned format, but personally I like it. I like the left nav for browsing, I…


Office Word 2010 and product/company knowledge template

If you write product knowledge or company knowledge for management packs, you’ll be glad to hear that Microsoft Office 2010 (specifically Word) is supported for the knowledge template. Only the 32-bit version, however; the 64-bit version of Word 2010 won’t work with the template. The software requirements for company knowledge and product knowledge are being…


Exchange 2007 MP product knowledge

The Exchange management packs send you to the product knowledge articles online, rather than including the knowledge article in the management pack itself. When you view a knowledge article for the Exchange 2007 Management Pack, you might be confused to see references to “MOM Rule Path” and “MOM Rule Name”. These are knowledge articles that…


Change to Management Pack Guide library

Old: When a guide couldn’t be published in its entirety in the management pack guide library on TechNet, the page for that guide directed you to the Management Pack Catalog. New: Coming this week, the page for a guide that is only available by download will link directly to the download page for that specific…


Operator Basics: getting started with Operations Manager

I finally get to announce that the Operator Basics SuperFlow for Operations Manager 2007 is available for download! Superflow, you wonder? Configuration Manager pioneered this format for delivering information. It provides a complete set of content, which can include videos and animations and interactivity, in a single package. The Operator Basics SuperFlow is intended for…


Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Management Pack updated

An updated download of the Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Management Pack is available. The management pack for Operations Manager hasn’t changed, but the package now includes an updated version of the Operational Data Reporting (ODR) Management Pack, which is installed with Operations Manager. Here are some the changes you’ll see in the ODR MP: The…


Operations Manager capacity planning

Need some help planning your Operations Manager deployment? Check out the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Sizing Helper. The Operations Manager 2007 R2 Sizing Helper is an interactive Excel document designed to assist you with planning & sizing deployments of Operations Manager 2007 R2. It helps you plan the correct amount of infrastructure needed for a…