ReadMe vs. Guide

You might notice in the management pack guide library that some guides are quite extensive (like Active Directory) and some are a single webpage with "ReadMe" in the name (like FRS). You might also notice in the installation folder for some management packs that there are two documents: a guide and another that has MPAdd or ReadMe in the name.

What's going on with those? Last year and early this year, a number of MOM 2005 management packs were converted for Operations Manager 2007. When we released the converted management packs, we included the original documentation for the MOM 2005 management pack and added a supplementary document to provide any information that was unique to the converted management pack. Not rewriting the guides was primarily a resource decision, so we could make more management packs available more quickly.

What that means is if the supplementary document (which is specific to the Ops Mgr 2007 MP) says one thing and the guide (which was written for the original MP) says another, the supplementary document is correct. We just didn't explain that clearly enough in the supplementary documents.

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