System Center Content Search

I'm not a gadget-y sort of person. I mean, I like gadgets, but I've grown wary of them (both offline and on) because so often they're a disappointment -- either they don't deliver or I don't really have a use for them.

But recently I saw a presentation on a gadget that delivered the exact functionality that I've wished for numerous times: the ability to search just the System Center content on TechNet. So many times I need to look for technical content, and not just the information but the information as contained in our official documentation.

And now some folks have delivered with the System Center Content Search gadget for the Vista Sidebar. I installed it last week and have had to use it numerous times already, and :::drumroll::: it delivered exactly the results I needed every time (and usually as the first hit).

System Center Content Search was announced at MMS this week, so I waited till after the announcement to post about it (and to make sure it was worth recommending).

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