DPM V2: a real-world recovery

We got a wonderful email from a customer who is trying out the beta 1 release of DPM V2. He is using V2 to protect clustered SQL Server 2005 databases; his file servers and Exchange Server servers are still using their existing tape backup only.

Recently, a major SAN problem caused corruption on all of those servers. The result? Here's what he wrote to us:

"The File server and the Exchange servers were not being protected and took most of the weekend to recover due to recalling tapes etc. The SQL cluster was being protected by DPM V2 and the corrupt database took 5 minutes to recover from the last snapshot. This was also done by someone who had not really used DPM before."

Quick successful recovery of an 8GB SQL database in the real world, not a test lab...I find that very cool!

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