Code names for Microsoft products

I could not find the webpage I wanted this morning. I tried several search engines, but I don't think it's their fault -- I think the webpage I want doesn't exist. And it should.

The webpage I want should be on and it should translate all of the current Microsoft product code names for me. You'd think there would be such a resource, no? But I couldn't find it.

That's okay, I couldn't find it on our internal web either.

The closest I could find to what I wanted was an editor's note in the Feb 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine. And that only listed nine code names. compiled a huge list, but it's old.

I could understand the absence if code names were confidential, but they don't seem to be in general -- I find them mentioned in press releases, newsgroup postings, blogs. We even include the code name after giving a product a formal name, just to ease the transition. For example...

Microsoft Unveils Windows XP Media Center Edition, Previously Code-Named "Freestyle"

The webpage I want would not only help me keep straight which code name goes with which product, it would also be an easy way to see what other products are in development.

Update: A co-worker thoughtfully sent me a link to the internal codename list. I'm still asking around about an external current codename list...

Update 2: Catch the link in the comments, Channel 9's wiki has a codename list!

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  1. acchong says:

    Please check the link below for external current codename list:

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