Help End-Users Learn the Office 2010 Ribbon

When we introduced Office 2007 there was a lot of hand-wringing about the new Ribbon. People seemed to either love it or hate it. In an effort to ease the transition for those familiar with Office 2003 we provide interactive guides showing both old and new user interfaces. You can find all the Office 2010 interactive guides by searching for “interactive menu to ribbon guide” on the download site… or make your life easier and click here.

Here are a couple screen shots of the Word 2010 guide showing where to find everyone’s favorite utility: Envelopes and Labels…

Word 2003 View


Word 2010 View


The interactive guides are small Silverlight applications that run inside Internet Explorer. At this point the Download Center offers guides for all Office 2010 applications except Access, Outlook, and SharePoint Workspace. For those of you still running Office 2007 – check out similar guides by searching the Download Center for “interactive command reference”… or by clicking here.

Thanks --Jeff

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