Why Upgrade to Office 2010

I just ran across a post by Mark Minasi where he pontificates on the lack of innovation in Office 2010. Reading Mark’s blog gave me the extra encouragement I needed to post a list of TechEd 2010 sessions that address this topic. And speaking of TechEd 2010… I just learned that all post-event sessions are freely available on www.msteched.com. This is great news since previously you needed to be a paying attendee to access post-event session recordings.

Now… back to the topic at hand: Why Upgrade to Office 2010? Hopefully the TechEd 2010 sessions below will give you (and Mark Minasi) some answers.

IT Pro Sessions

Developer Sessions

There’s plenty more evidence available to address the “why upgrade?” question. As always, if you want to discuss this or any other topic in more detail please drop me a line. My e-mail alias is jcent. Thanks --Jeff

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