How does DPM really protect data?

Just because you know how DPM 2006 works … you don’t know DPM 2007. That statement is a little bold, since many folks know both products — but lately, I have heard a surprisingly large number of assumptions from people on how DPM2007 does what it does — or what its capabilities actually will be…


Customer letter — Thank you, DPM !!!

Here is an email that I received from a DPM early adopter which was just too cool not to share.  This customer has a distributed-infrastructure, is mid-market sized, and is using DPM 2007 beta 2 to protect Exchange 2007 SP1 beta (partipating in two Microsoft early adopter TAP/RDP programs – in production). Any administrator who has…


Have you met your Microsoft Storage Specialist ?

I want to lift up a team of Microsoft individuals that you may not know about – the Storage Technology Specialists at Microsoft. If you are a Microsoft customer, you likely know who your Microsoft Partner or your Microsoft Account Team is.  If you are a Microsoft Partner, you should know who your Partner Manager…


Resellers and Integrators – back up your customers !

Last week, I spoke at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  It wasn’t my normal 60-90 minutes on “Protecting SQL” or “Protecting Exchange” or even just an overview of DPM.  This time, I was just 15 minutes of a “Business Opportunities in Windows Virtualization” – specifically, teaching Microsoft Partners how to provide a service of backing…


New webcast – How to Protect SQL Server with DPM 2007

From Tech-Ed 2007 last month.  Its about an hour long and includes “how does it work” and demo’s for protecting and recovering SQL.  Check out the video  


DPM 2007 is on the horizon – and everybody is starting to figure it out!

These last several weeks have been very exciting – starting with the release of Beta 2 for DPM 2007 at Tech-Ed … and am writing this from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). When I joined Microsoft two years ago, people would come up and ask either: 1)  Why is DPM part of System Center…