It’s time for some fun – in High Definition

Okay, with DPM’s launch now complete, I am committed to getting some geek-fun back into my world.  And it started with the epiphany that the video projector that I use for my gaming supports 1080 and I wasn’t using it to its fullest capability. FYI – if you haven’t read a clear and complete explanation…


My son has a higher gamer score than yours!

OK, serious gamers … he hasn’t beaten yours.  But he does have a 1440 … and he’s six. It is amazing to me how Achievement Points have affected gaming in my family.  Here are a couple of examples: We already owned Star Wars LEGO II for Xbox … having played the first one all of…


Another Viva Pinata is coming !!!

No, not a sequel to the first Xbox 360 game – which is too bad, because that really is a good game.  The current VP game is great for kids and one of the best reasons I had for putting a second Xbox360 in my house.  The first one is all mine, but my wife…


Coolest Gamercard Yet

  There are lots of third-party ways to display your gamertag and stats. But I think i found the coolest one over on Xbox Friends Watch and Adam Kinney’s site ( It’s cool because of the detail it shows – and it is the first that I am aware of that uses Silverlight.