DPM 2007 Launch – Day 0

Pop Quiz – what could make a 9.5 hour flight from Dallas to Paris feel longer? Answer – A 3-hour delay before take-off, sitting in the aircraft.  Yes, as an omen of all the good things that will come this week, we pulled away from the gate, tried to rev the engines and came back…


Am headed to Barcelona – DPM 2007 is launching !!!

DPM 2007 has RTM’d … and announced at Storage Networking World in Dallas in October. DPM 2007 is generally available this month (November) – making its way to distributors, channel partners and Microsoft licensing vehicles as we speak. But now comes my favorite part … the DPM 2007 product launch.  I have been looking forward…


New webcast – How to Protect SQL Server with DPM 2007

From Tech-Ed 2007 last month.  Its about an hour long and includes “how does it work” and demo’s for protecting and recovering SQL.  Check out the video  


DPM 2007 is on the horizon – and everybody is starting to figure it out!

These last several weeks have been very exciting – starting with the release of Beta 2 for DPM 2007 at Tech-Ed … and am writing this from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). When I joined Microsoft two years ago, people would come up and ask either: 1)  Why is DPM part of System Center…