JBuff leaving Microsoft

After 5.5 years, I am leaving Microsoft.

When I first joined, it was after 15 years in the backup/recovery and high availability market.  I joined to be part of DPM v1, which had been in market for about a month, because the idea that Microsoft producing its own backup solution could change how Windows administrators dealt with backup – and it did.  It has been an amazing time and I am very proud to now see DPM as a mainstream option for many Windows environments.  DPM 2012 (v4) is almost in beta and it just keeps getting better !

DPM 2006   DPM 2007    DPM 2010    DPM2012

Along the way, it was a privilege to work on several other technologies, as well:

WS 08
File Services & Storage Solutions
WSS 08    WS 08 R2
File Services & Storage Solutions
SCE 2010 SC OpsMgr 2012 beta   AVIcode

Along the way, I even had the opportunity to accomplish one of my career goals – to author and publish my book on Data Protection and Availability.

It’s been an awesome adventure – I have learned much, done some cool things, seen some amazing places, and made many friends – all of which, I am extremely grateful for.

So, where I am headed next?   I haven’t decided yet.  I am taking part of the summer off to spend with my family and rest up – but I have started a few conversations with some great partners that have some cool technologies and some big visions.  I intend to make some commitments by the end of July and be back on the grid in August.  In the meantime, please keep in touch:

Linked-In       www.linkedin.com/in/JasonBuffington

You can also follow me on my new website -- and a continuation of my blogs and tweets.

Thanks for reading.   JBuff, signing out.

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