Do you want a DPM ringtone ?

DPMringtonesThis is not really news worthy, but it made me smile so I wanted to share it.

Was searching for recorded media on DPM when I found this site.

Evidently, the site mines for pretty much any audio file and offers to send it to your phone.  I have no idea how legit it is (or not), but just the thought that one of my Edge podcasts might start talking out of your pocket, whenever someone calls you, just makes me giggle in a nervous way.  Hey, even I don’t like DPM that much (or my own voice for that matter).

I presume this is free, since am reasonably certain that TechNet is not involved.

Oh, and if it works, the standard disclaimers are likely in effect:

This ringtone is not yet rated by the ESRB, RIAA or the MPAA

Kids under 18 should check with parents before downloading ring tones

Speakers may appear nerd-ier than in real life

Standard data rates and telecommunication charges may apply

Not available in all areas

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