DPM Disaster Recovery Webcast – April 15th

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What better day to talk about ‘disasters’ than tax day in the US !?!

On Wednesday, April 15th, I’ll be giving a TechNet Webcast on ‘Disaster Recovery with Data Protection Manager and Iron Mountain’.


It is 1PM Pacific, which makes it kind of late in the evening for my non-American friends – and I am sorry about that.  Please check out the archive.

Or if you tune in live, we’'ll talk about all things ‘DR’ and ‘BC’ with ‘DPM’:

- How to replicate from one DPM server to another for Disaster Recovery

- How branch offices can take advantage of a new DPM 2007 SP1 feature called ‘Local Datasource Protection’ for local and remote protection of branch data

- How to use System Center to get Business Continuity in a cost effective way

- and demonstrate the new CloudRecovery offering from Iron Mountain and DPM

If you are into data protection, you won’t want to miss this fun-filled hour !!


As always, thanks for reading

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As an updated reminder, we have two TechNet Webcasts today from Storage Solutions:   Introducing

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