DPM 2007 Launch – Day 1

Okay ... today was an awesome day for DPM ... we have launched!

It started with the Executive Keynote ... actually it started with my 5:30AM alarm clock going off.  Past that ...

Executive Keynote - Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President

Bob talked about a lot of technologies around Microsoft's uber-vision for IT Pro's ... Dynamic IT

As part of that, he announced:

          - System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - the successor to SMS 2003

          - System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 - a very cool management tool for virtual environments

                     and of course

          - System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 - yeah, baby !!!

He also mentioned some other Microsoft products like Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, our virtualization portfolio, etc.  But those reading those know that the big news is DPM 2007.  🙂

With 5500 in attendance, plus three overflow rooms - hours and hours of setup effort culminated in about 90 seconds of DPM 2007 showing protection for various Microsoft applications and file servers, using integrated disk and tape, and being managed by a UI that truly reflects the ease-of-use and seamless-media that will be the hallmark of DPM.

System Center Keynote - Brad Anderson, General Manager

This session was all about System Center, the newly released products, and Microsoft's management strategy which is being delivered through the System Center family of products.

OH, and it included our second DPM demo of the day.  In this case, I had the opportunity to spend several minutes showing the rich protection capabilities, highlight some of the features, etc.  Then, we talked about finding single Exchange mailbox versions to restore, some cool restore features for SQL and SharePoint, etc. 

This kind of sets up the rest of my week - by driving awareness for folks that will come to my other technical sessions, interactive Q&A's, hands-on and instructor-led labs, etc.

It was a little disappointing that the entire 5500 attendees didn't proceed directly from the Exec Keynote to this one, but our room was standing-room only and it was very well received.

As an aside, this was my first chance to hear Brad Anderson speak -- and he really has a command of the spaces in System Center, the nuances of the products, the markets and the competitors.  If you get the chance, attend his sessions/webcasts when available.   Was very strong -- and of course, the DPM demo rocked too...

The DPM Booth

Lots and lots of folks are coming to the booth ...

          - Last year, everyone was asking "What is DPM?"

          - For the last several months, everyone has been asking "When can I get it?"

          - Now, everyone is asking "My environment is ____ ... tell me how to deploy DPM?"

But my favorite quote so far has to be

          - "We (company) depend on Microsoft applications, why wouldn't I back it up with Microsoft?"

More DPM Demo Staging

To finish the day, I had to relocate my demo hardware from the keynote rooms to my first classroom - 90 minutes later, it was spinning again.  No technical issues, but just a lot of logistics to schedule a teardown of the setup in one room, move everything, find space and power, wire to the presentation desk, power everything up in the correct manner, etc.

Final score for day-1:

  • Woke up at 5:30 - Onsite from 7AM until 9:30PM - Dinner from 10P-Midnight - in bed by 1A

  • Both keynotes rocked - no live demo snafu's

  • Lots of booth traffic and excitement that DPM is finally here

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