New podcast – Where does DPM fit in the Windows backup market

Last month, I was interviewed on some key DPM position questions like: Why is Microsoft in the backup business? What makes DPM 2007 special? What environments does DPM 2007 fit best in? If these sound interesting to you, check out this short 5-minute podcast.


Go make a Snowflake – and other Christmas gadgets worth checking out

I love the Internet gadgets that come out around the holidays.  My favorite so far has to be the "Go Elf Yourself" from OfficeMax… where you insert your own headshots on little elf bodies and they dance for you.  It will literally have you rolling on the floor laughing. Here are my three kids, elf’d….


DPM 2007 in the heterogeneous enterprise

One question that I hear frequently is “I love what Microsoft is doing for backup of my Windows servers.  But what about my non-Windows servers?”  Similarly, one might ask “What about heterogeneous environments?” A different question that is often confused with these is “Is DPM enterprise-ready?”  To separate these questions, let me address the latter with the…


MOVIES – done by bunnies

I wanted to wait until Easter, but my buddy Matt Hester found these 30-second movie clips all performed by cartoon bunnies. James Bond, Die Hard, and about 40 other movies — all in cartoon bunnies.  If you are a movie buff (no pun intended), you gotta check out this link.  

NEW webcast – DPM 2007 Overview

Please join us today – Wednesday, December 4th at 9:30AM Pacific – for an updated overview of DPM2007. We’ll be going over most of the core features and everything you need to know to get started with your own evaluations of the new Microsoft backup and recovery solution.  

It’s time for some fun – in High Definition

Okay, with DPM’s launch now complete, I am committed to getting some geek-fun back into my world.  And it started with the epiphany that the video projector that I use for my gaming supports 1080 and I wasn’t using it to its fullest capability. FYI – if you haven’t read a clear and complete explanation…


DPM 2007 Launch – Day 5 – we are launched!

We are done … and so am I. I have three more speaking slots to do today and, as the saying goes, "I am leaving it all on the field."   MGT18-IS – Advanced Features of DPM 2007 – Interactive Q&A After a few sleep-deprived nights, we are starting today with a "Everything else we…

DPM 2007 Launch – Day 4

As we come into the home stretch, I have three speaking engagements today and three more tomorrow. When asked why I don’t share these with other speakers, my answer is two-fold: 1) I came to Microsoft 23 months ago for DPM2007, so I want to put my own fingerprints all over this event.  That may…

DPM 2007 Launch – Day 3

We are half-way through Launch Week … and things are continuing to stay exciting. The booth is continually swamped – and while this will sound bias, it is one the busiest booths in the Microsoft pavilion.  Yeah, I know that’s like saying that my kid was the best actor in the school play.  Yes, I…

DPM 2007 Launch – Day 2

Things keep going well for DPM at IT Forum. The booth stays swamped with interested folks – and we have a great team of up to 4 DPM experts at the booth at a time — and they are staying busy the whole time ! From my perspective, today was about the first technical sessions:…