My New Home for Automation Blogging

Hey Readers!  I’ve been fairly quiet out here as of late and really “Jonesing” to get some blog posts out on automation.  So the good news is, I’ve transitioned to a new team (Technical  Enablement and Delivery or TED) and hence a new location for my blogging is available.  I’m really excited about the new location (and my new team is awesome).

Some information

My introduction post on what is coming out on the Building Clouds TechNet Page!

The Automation Track that I am providing input to along with my good friend Charles Joy.

Something fun my team did with 4 Surface Pros (a must watch)!

By the way the entire team is going to be at MMS this year so come by our booth if you are at MMS 2013.  Look for posts on the Building Clouds Blog for sessions presented by the team in April.


I’ll continue to post other items out here probably but not as frequent as the Building Clouds site.  Actually, I’m looking forward to potentially posting a Windows 8 Theme Pack of my pictures Smile (shameless plug) in the near future!

Until next time, Happy Automating!

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