The Photographers@Microsoft are at it Again!




Hello again readers!  I wanted to take a brief tangent from my technical content to let you all know about a fantastic book that Microsoft has been publishing for the last four years.  This book is an amazing representation of the internal talented photographers at Microsoft and even better, the proceeds to go the United Way to support a great cause!

OK so give me the details right? Smile

  • Price is $50 which gets you a 300+ page book with 453 images!
  • $37.50 of that goes to charity. 
  • AND if you are a US-Based Microsoft employee you are matched by Microsoft so a $50 purchase results in $75 going to charity!

Call to Action (GO GET YOUR BOOKS!)

I encourage you to check out the details of this book here:

It goes on sale starting October 1st, 2012.  This book is truly beautiful. 

Details below from the site:

Explore | Photographers@Microsoft Book is a 300+ page collection of images taken worldwide by individuals at Microsoft® in support of the annual GIVE campaign. Each photo in the book is accompanied by a narrative written by the photographer as well as technical information which helps the reader learn how the photograph was taken. All proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the United Way Worldwide. Purchases made by eligible Microsoft employees qualify for the Matching Gifts Program at Microsoft, effectively doubling the gift.

Explore | Photographers@Microsoft Book makes a perfect gift for yourself, family or friends whether they are just getting started in the photographic journey or are seasoned shutterbugs.

Shameless Plug Smile

For the second year in a row since joining Microsoft, I’ve been lucky enough to be featured along with the serious talent represented in this amazing book.


This year’s photo


Last year’s photo



Check out the United Way stats!  What an amazing organization! 



Comments (5)

  1. @Nazmul Islam Sujan thank you for the compliment. Sadly the book isn’t happening this year but fingers crossed, next year :). Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Thanks Carrie!  I really appreciate the comments.  Actually here is the location:…/3635.  

    Do you have a link to your photo this year in this book you can post in comments?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you have captured nicely!

  4. Carrie Brown says:

    Where is that fence?  It totally makes your shot.  I love it!!!

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