Opalis 6.3 Installation Guide

Hello Readers.  This is likely one of my last Opalis related posts as we move forward into Orchestrator as our main production platform for my group.  However, as there are still likely many of you that are starting on the trek of installing your first Opalis instance in your environment for evaluation or production deployment, I thought it would make sense to post my installation guide we have used internally at Microsoft for building out Opalis instances for our group.  I’ve shared this internally for other groups inside Microsoft that have had success with it, so why not give it freely to you all – my readers? Smile

So….What’s in it Anyway?

Provided for your convenience, here is a sneak peak at what content is in this guide.  It is chock full of information that was gathered during our initial deployments internally.  Some of this follows along with Charles Joy’s great video’s available on his blog so go check those out as well!

Table of Contents

1. Infrastructure Requirements for Opalis

2. Installing the Opalis Core Components

2.1. Installing the Management Server

2.2. Creating and Configuring the Database for Opalis

2.3. Importing the License information for Opalis

2.4. Upgrading to 6.3

2.5. Deploying Action Servers from Deployment Manager

2.6. Deploying Clients from Deployment Manager

3. Installing the Opalis Operator Console

3.1. Downloading the Pre-Requisites

3.2. Preparing for the Console Install

3.2.1. Extract the Opalis Operator Console Installer

3.2.2. Install and Configure JDK 6 Update 4

3.2.3. Extract and Install JBOSS Application Server

3.3. Setup and Configure the Operator Console

4. Running the Operator Console

4.1. Running the Operator Console Interactively

4.2. Running the Operator Console as a Service

5. Manual Installation of Opalis Client

That’s it! Short and simple.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will do my best to answer or get additional information for you.

And as always,

Happy Automating!

Download File: Opalis Installation Guide

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