My New Home for Automation Blogging

Hey Readers!  I’ve been fairly quiet out here as of late and really “Jonesing” to get some blog posts out on automation.  So the good news is, I’ve transitioned to a new team (Technical  Enablement and Delivery or TED) and hence a new location for my blogging is available.  I’m really excited about the new…


The Photographers@Microsoft are at it Again!

    Hello again readers!  I wanted to take a brief tangent from my technical content to let you all know about a fantastic book that Microsoft has been publishing for the last four years.  This book is an amazing representation of the internal talented photographers at Microsoft and even better, the proceeds to go…


System Center 2012 Orchestrator – Changing User or Group Rights Post Install

I’ve seen a topic come up from time to time that I think was worth getting out to those that can use it .  This is already published on TechNet (referenced within my blog here) but I wanted to put some finer notes on it to assist. Issue –  Updating the Primary Administrator and Orchestrator…


Using System Center Orchestrator to Gather Client Logs at Microsoft

Hello again readers.  I wanted share with you a solution we are leveraging within Microsoft for log collection utilizing System Center Orchestrator.  This will entail a few posts as this Log Copy solution is somewhat complex, but simple in its architecture and implementation.  This initial blog post will merely introduce the solution and I will…


Using an Excel XML File for Input to a Runbook

Hello readers.  I thought it would be a good idea to quickly discuss a topic that came up during a recent Runbook development effort.  I was faced with the challenge of how to do the following: Provide an easy way to request data from an end user Make it familiar and intuitive Provide the data in…


Orchestrator Migration–Locating Checked Out Policies

A topic came up recently on an internal distribution list that I have been planning on blogging about.  I figured it’s time to get it out to you because it is timely with the release of System Center Orchestrator Beta and future versions coming.  What is so important and why? We will all need a…


Opalis 6.3 Installation Guide

Hello Readers.  This is likely one of my last Opalis related posts as we move forward into Orchestrator as our main production platform for my group.  However, as there are still likely many of you that are starting on the trek of installing your first Opalis instance in your environment for evaluation or production deployment,…


System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta–Runbook Import Issue

Hello readers. My group is already starting to “dogfood” the beta of System Center Orchestrator 2012.  We came up against an issue that is definitely worth talking about in case anyone sees this issue in evaluation.  This information could change in the near future so keep in mind that this is specific to the beta…


Opalis and the Internal Microsoft Adoption Story (On Demand Webcast)

On Tuesday June 28th, Charlie Satterfield and I had a great webcast presentation with a lot of content related to how Microsoft is leveraging Opalis internally.  Please click the inline link or the graphic below to view the content. Details This webcast concentrated specifically on the following details: Real world scenarios we are currently leveraging…


Opalis @ Microsoft

Please check out the following post for information on an upcoming Webcast I’m participating in on Tuesday June 28th, 2011 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am PST where we will be discussing how Opalis is being leveraged within Microsoft.  Should be a great discussion! Happy Automating!