SP2013 New Feature – Minimal Download Feature

Noticed an interesting feature with SharePoint 2013 when I was working on a InfoPath case. Thought of sharing with you guys! When you create an OOB site collection and browse it inSharePoint 2013, the URL redirect to  “_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx” instead of “SitePages/Home.aspx ” The _layouts/15/start.aspx# is appearing with every request which is completely different from SPS2010 site….


SSP provisioning failed – Error User cannot be found

Issue : Unable to create new SSP. Error: Shared Services ProviderCreation failed. Reason: User cannot be found. Checkthe event details.  ULS logs, you can events like this. 03:34:13.46               OWSTIMER.EXE(0x0878)                           0x0CE0     Office Server                              Office Server Shared Services      8nmu                Critical                      An unexpected error occurred while refreshing the shared object manager cache. Reason: Object…


Unable to populate AD containers while creating a new AD sync connection, It times out or do not respond

Issue When you try to create a new user profile sync connection to Active Directory. You provide the details of AD and try to populate the containers. The page stop responding and you observer SharePoint will keep on querying forever and never get completed or it times out with below error Webpage error details Message:Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException:…


How to display images in a calculated column of a SharePoint list

How to display an Image in a SharePoint List Many times I ‘ve been asked by customers about how to display an image in a calculated column of a SharePoint list.One of the scenario I mention here where, customer wanted to display a Red or Green button based on another column’s value. SharePoint list : MyTasksList Column…