SP2013 New Feature – Minimal Download Feature

Noticed an interesting feature with SharePoint 2013 when I was working on a InfoPath case. Thought of sharing with you guys! When you create an OOB site collection and browse it inSharePoint 2013, the URL redirect to  “_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx” instead of “SitePages/Home.aspx ” The _layouts/15/start.aspx# is appearing with every request which is completely different from SPS2010 site….


SSP provisioning failed – Error User cannot be found

Issue : Unable to create new SSP. Error: Shared Services ProviderCreation failed. Reason: User cannot be found. Checkthe event details.  ULS logs, you can events like this. 03:34:13.46               OWSTIMER.EXE(0x0878)                           0x0CE0     Office Server                              Office Server Shared Services      8nmu                Critical                      An unexpected error occurred while refreshing the shared object manager cache. Reason: Object…


How to display images in a calculated column of a SharePoint list

How to display an Image in a SharePoint List Many times I ‘ve been asked by customers about how to display an image in a calculated column of a SharePoint list.One of the scenario I mention here where, customer wanted to display a Red or Green button based on another column’s value. SharePoint list : MyTasksList Column…