System Center Updates Publisher Signing Certificate Requirements & Step-by-Step Guide

Special thank you goes out to Minfang Lv, our SCUP Lead Tester, who wrote this step by step guide to creating your own signing certificate. System Center Update Publisher 2011 is an application that can be used with System Center Configuration Manager to deploy 3rd party software updates: . To have the ability to…


Getting Started with Updates Publisher 2011

Now that Updates Publisher 2011 has released, you may ask yourself what do I need to do to install and configure.  Here is a high level to do list to help you get started. Download Updates Publisher 2011 from here.  Note that Updates Publisher 2011 supports both ConfigMgr 2007 and ConfigMgr 2012 Beta2. Download the…


How to remove orphaned SCUP updates…

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked is, “How do I remove SCUP updates from Configuration Manager?”.  The answer is fairly easy, you expire the update in SCUP and the re-publish it into WSUS.  Then on the next scheduled ConfigMgr/WSUS synchronization the update will be marked as expired in the ConfigMgr UI.  Finally…


Adobe Acrobat and Reader X SCUP Catalogs are Here!

We made the announcement at MMS 2010 that starting with Adobe Acrobat and Reader X products, their updates will also include SCUP catalogs for easy enterprise deployment.  Today I am extremely happy to announce that Adobe has released these two new SCUP catalogs in conjunction with their first updates to the Acrobat and Reader X…


Customer Question: Does SCUP work behind a proxy server?

Note: This is only for SCUP 3.0 or 4.0.  With SCUP 4.5 this is no longer an issue.  I’ve received a couple of questions regarding System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) when behind a proxy server. Some customers have reported problems downloading catalogs and updates when behind a proxy server.  To clarify, SCUP uses the proxy server…


Screencast: SCUP – Publishing an Update

Here is a new screencast covering SCUP.  Today’s topic is “SCUP – Publishing an Update”.  Don’t forget you can maximize the screen size to get a better view of the demo. Also here is a link to details steps on publishing an update.  Enjoy! To view this screencast in other formats visit:


SCUP 2011 – Using dashes “-“ in MSI/MSP command lines

Some of you may run into a known issue with what type of command lines for MSI/MSP based updates you can now use in the new System Center Updates Publisher 2011.  In previous version of Updates Publisher we have left the command line unrestricted, meaning you could put pretty much anything in there.  This caused…


How to setup SCUP and ConfigMgr 2007 to deploy custom updates

I’ve met with a few customers over the past month that had similar questions regarding deploying custom updates.  I wanted to write a quick high level summary on how to this in a small environment. First step is to setup System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) to publish updates to your Windows Server Updates Service (WSUS)…


Screencast: SCUP – Installation

This here is my first screencast, covering System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) installation.   I’m planning on doing several more of these in the future.  If you have any topic ideas, please use the “Email” link above to send them to me.  Also don’t forget to maximize the screen so you can see everything clearly.  Enjoy!…


Screencast: SCUP – Finding, Managing and Importing Catalogs

Here is my second screencast for SCUP, this time covering finding, managing and importing catalogs.  If you have any questions or comments about the screencast please post those to the comments section below Enjoy! To view this screencast in other formats visit:–finding-managing–importing-catalogs.aspx