Screencast: SCUP 2011 – How to Publish Software Updates

Here is the next screencast in my series covering System Center Updates Publisher 2011.  This screencast gives you a in-depth look at How to Publish Software Updates. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Gerry,

    Once an update is published (as full content) to WSUS and syncronized to ConfigMgr you can deploy the software update like you would any other update.  When asked during the Distribute Software Update Wizard where to download the update from, select the top option (from internet) and it will download from the WSUS Local Repository.  I have a screencast showing this with a previous version of SCUP here:…/screencast-system-center-updates-publisher-deploying-an-update.aspx.  I will be recording a new one for SCUP 2011 soon, but this one should answer most of your questions.


  2. Gerry Maguire says:


    I've installed SCUP 2011 on my Primary Site server (which has WSUS and is a SUP too). I've followed the steps in the above screencast and I've successfully published an Adobe Flash update. My question is now, where do I go from here? How to I actually deploy this update from SCCM?

    Many Thanks


  3. Matthew Buck says:

    Hi Jason!

    First I want to thank you for the great videos you have made, they have been a big help on configuring SCUP 2011!

    I have one question regarding the configuration though: What is the port requirement for the feature "Add timestamp when signing updates (requires Internet connectivity"? My servers are behind proxy and I would want to timestamp my updates.



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