Screencast: SCUP 2011 – How to Create Software Updates

Here is the next screencast in my series covering System Center Updates Publisher 2011.  This screencast gives you a in-depth look at How to Create Software Updates. Enjoy!

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Comments (3)

  1. Sorry, MSU based updates are not support with Updates Publisher 2011.

  2. OdgeUK says:

    "For MSI’s there is one more thing that you should do is that here you see that we have the MSI Generated installable rule, now what this means is alls it’s checking for is: “is this product code installed or not on the machine or this computer?”.

    Now that is a viable installable rule but if you left it just like this and you deployed this out to all systems then all systems that did not already have this update or this MSI installed would have it installed regardless of if the application existed or not. So you really should add one additional rule or more that makes sure that the application that you are going to update is present, otherwise this is more like Software distribution ‘cos it’s gonna deploy to all systems."

    This is interesting to me as I am planning to deploy Microsoft's Application Virtualization Service Pack 1 (2445990) Software Update as an update via SCUP. Of course this is available already as a Software Update but I need to custom bundle it with Hotfix 4 for this Service Pack, which means extracting the x86 MSI from the MS EXE download of KB2445990 and publishing the resultant MSI into SCUP with the Hotfix.

    I am really not sure how to set the additional installable rules for a Service Pack MSI, should I have a rule which checks the version number of the client in the registry and then only applies the MSI if it is an earlier version than the version that is applied after the Service Pack? And does SCUP support this? (I only see options to point to a File?)


  3. Kris Titeca says:

    Hi Jason,

    Maybe a weird question but is there a way to create a software update for msu-files? the reason why I'm asking this is because from time to time you've to deploy a private hotfix to your machines and unfortunatly these hotfixes are not available in WSUS. Until now I had to create a SCCM package to deploy these updates but it would be so much easier using WSUS. Is this possible using SCUP?



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