Screencast: SCUP 2011 – How to Import and Manage Software Update Catalogs

Here is the next screencast in my series covering System Center Updates Publisher 2011.  This screencast gives you a in-depth look at How to Import and Manage Software Update Catalogs. Enjoy!

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Comments (3)

  1. tconners says:

    Jason I really could use your help!

    I have a SCUP/SCCM2012 installation that will not publish dell drivers to WSUS. Though it will publish my Adobe updates so I know SCUP is not totaly broken.

    History: WSUS was installed incorrectly "Patches" so I had to reinstall WSUS and SUP. At that time the dell catalogs were removed then put back into place in SCUP.

    Now when I try to publish Dell drivers to WSUS/SCCM2012 nothing seems to get there.

    I can see in the sync log where the dell driver catagory is present and I have the checkbox selected in the products tab in SCCM for the SUP.

  2. David [MSFT] says:

    Terry, do you have any errors from the SCUP.log during the failed publish operation or does SCUP2011 indicate a successful publish?  The log file is usually in %LOCALAPPDATA%TEMPScup.log, but you can just search for scup.log.  If the publish operation is successful then this turns more in to a WSUS or Configuration Manager question, you may want to double-check all of the import settings to make sure your sync is configured to pick up these updates.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Steve says:

    How do you import none standard built-in templates, specifically Adobe DC?

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