Getting Started with Updates Publisher 2011

Now that Updates Publisher 2011 has released, you may ask yourself what do I need to do to install and configure.  Here is a high level to do list to help you get started.

  1. Download Updates Publisher 2011 from here.  Note that Updates Publisher 2011 supports both ConfigMgr 2007 and ConfigMgr 2012 Beta2.
  2. Download the required WSUS 3.0 SP2 hotfix here.
  3. Install the WSUS 3.0 SP2 hotfix on all WSUS servers in your ConfigMgr hierarchy as well as your SCUP console computer
  4. Install Updates Publisher 2011.  Updates Publisher 2011 does not upgrade from SCUP 4.5, but you can run them side-by-side.
    1. Also note that SCUP requires administrator rights to install and will not prompt to elevate privileges.  The best way is to launch a command (cmd) prompt with “Run as Administrator” option then run the SystemCenterUpdatesPublisher.msi
  5. Migrate all of your updates by exporting all of your updates from SCUP 4.5 and importing them into Updates Publisher 2011.
  6. Open options dialog (upper right hand corner in blue) and enable checkbox for “Enable publishing to an update server”
    1. Provide the same WSUS server you used with SCUP 4.5. 
    2. The certificate used with SCUP 4.5 is still valid and if you install Updates Publisher 2011 on the same machine as SCUP 4.5 then you are done.
    3. If SCUP 4.5 is installed on a different machine as Updates Publisher 2011 then you will need to add the signing certificate trust to the new machine as well.
  7. Now everything is pretty much setup as before.
  8. (Optional) Uninstall SCUP 4.5 after you are conformable with Updates Publisher 2011 and have all your updates migrated.

I hope this get everybody started, look for screencasts coming soon covering the entire product.

Comments (20)

  1. Updates Publisher 2011 only support Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  One thing to point out is that Updates Publisher does not need to be installed on the WSUS or ConfigMgr Site System computers, it can be on a desktop and publish to a remote WSUS Server.

  2. Hello Borreskov,

    SCUP 2011 does not support deploying MSU based files.  The recommended solution is use Software Distribution to deploy those file types.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jason!

    Can KB2530678 be installed on all WSUS servers within the hierarchy or only those that currently have .Net 4.0 and WSUS SP2?

    I have dozens of WSUS servers that will all be WSUS SP2 however not all will likely have .Net 4.0 currently installed. Ideally I would like to just deploy the hotfix to all WSUS servers and not have to be selective for only those with .Net 4.0 installed which would require followup should .Net 4.0 get installed at a later date.

    Many Thanks,


  4. Anonymous says:

    One another question. Does SCUP 2011 support Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server ?

  5. SCUP 2011 is both x86 and x64.  It will install into the x86 folder since there is a single MSI install (which is 32bit based) but when runing SCUP you will see it is running as a 64bit application.

  6. Hello Mike,

    The browse and remove buttons are disabled when connected to a remote WSUS server unless connected by SSL as the communication channel must be secure when working with the signing certificate.  You are able to create the certificate, but are not able to use your own unless connected by SSL or running locally.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is the any way to change the path of database file "scupdb.sdf" ? Previous version SCUP allows me to manage updates from any workstation or server. How about that functionality in current version SCUP?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It seems that SCUP 2011 lost great functionality. When I duplicate package and edit a new software update and change package source I also lost installable and installed rules and I have to create from the scratch.

    Previous SCUP allows you to keep a rules.

  9. You can try to manually edit the Scup2011.exe.config file (may need to elevate rights) in the installation directory and change the value of the "SSCEDataFile" setting to the location you would like to store the datafile then manually move the datafile to that location.  However, manually editing the config file is unsupported.

    Note #1 –  If any other users log into this computer and run Updates Publisher 2011 they will not get their own database and would instead use the same database that was defined in the config file.

    Note #2 – Also note that Updates Publisher 2011 does not support multiple users using the same Updates Publisher or datafile at the same time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have a question about WSUS.  One of the software requirements for WSUS 3.0 is to install the SP2 hotfix but when I check for the version of Update Services on my server it is 3.2.7600.226. Does it still need to have the hotfix installed to be in compliance with SCUP?

  11. You do not need to install WSUS full version on your Updates Publisher machine.  If you want to run Updates Publisher from a remote machine you only need to install the WSUS Administrator Console (option during install) on the target machine prior to install Updates Publisher.

  12. The update can only be applied to WSUS 3.0 SP2.  .Net Framework 4.0 is not a requirement.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You mention that SCUP 2011 is best to be installed on a different machine other than server running primary SCCM and WSUS.  I am attempting install on Win7 desktop and it tells me that WSUS 3.0 SP2 is required and the installation quits.  I already have CCM and WSUS on a single server in my enviroment, please advise where SCUP should be installed.



  14. Hello ambrozy,

    This functionality is by design as we have found problems after duplicating an update from using incorrect rules from the previous update.  If you want to use the same rules you now have the ability to save the entire rule set and then add that rule set to you new or duplicated update.

  15. Rod Trent says:

    Chris Nackers has a quick installation guide (with screenshots!)…/how-to-system-center-updates-publisher-2011-installation.aspx

  16. Paul Martin says:

    is SCUP 2011 only in 32bit?

    cant seem to fnd a 64bit  version?

  17. mike says:

    The create cert option appears to create a cer, but I cannot find or browse for an exisiting one.  I did try to run the application as an admin, but still no luck finding the *.cer.  Is this a bug?

  18. Borreskov says:

    Hi Jason,

    Can i somehow use SCUP 2011 to publich MSU files to WSUS / SCCM?

  19. Chris says:

    Hey Jason! Quick question. We have a 3 tier SCCM hierarchy and are looking at implementing SCUP 2011. Before we do this (install at the Parent Tier 1 so all receive the 3rd party updates)  I'd like to have some tier 3 child sites test it out first.

    I know these child sites sychronize directly with their parent for updates though so wasn't sure if this is a possible option or not.

    So my question: Can I install SCUP 2011, and publish updates to child sites only, or am I stuck with just installing it at the top parent level?

  20. Mr. Wolowitz says:


    Can you elaborate on the needed syntax to edit the Scup2011.exe.config file?  I've attempted to modify the file but it is not changing the location of the data repository.  Also, does this data repository get rebuilt every time someone launches the console?  Does the metadata live somewhere else?

    Thank you!

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