Adobe Acrobat and Reader X SCUP Catalogs are Here!

We made the announcement at MMS 2010 that starting with Adobe Acrobat and Reader X products, their updates will also include SCUP catalogs for easy enterprise deployment.  Today I am extremely happy to announce that Adobe has released these two new SCUP catalogs in conjunction with their first updates to the Acrobat and Reader X product lines.  With these new catalogs, enterprises will be able to stay up-to-date with both products in the same manner they do with Microsoft Updates when using System Center Updates Publisher with System Center Configuration Manager. 

The catalog links are below and will be added to our Partner Directory (inside SCUP) very soon.

To learn more about this great news visit Adobe Reader’s Blog:

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  1. Hi Jason, I successfully imported the Adobe Flash catalog into System Center Essentials 2010 a few weeks ago. However, I'm seeing odd behaviour in terms of how it is deployed:

    1. Even if approved for distribution to a group of PCs, the update will be marked “Not Applicable” on all PCs that do not _already_ have Adobe Flash installed. To distribute Adobe Flash initially, a normal System Center Essentials package needs to be deployed as usual. The update through the Adobe channel will then be listed as applicable to that machine and deploy. So, I need to keep a reasonably current version of Flash around to deploy the first time.

    2. The Adobe channel contents do not seem to update automatically: e.g. a new version of Flash is released but I do not see it on the Updates list when viewing the Adobe Systems, Inc. catalog. To see new versions of the Flash client, I need to re-import the Adobe partner catalog, at which point I see the new update and can approve it. However, this is a manual intervention and so not really different than just downloading the new update and creating a package myself. Is there a way to have the channel cointents update and the update be automatically approved through Automatic Approval rules, and then automatically deployed like Microsoft Updates are? The Adobe Flash update is tagged with Classification "Security Updates", which I have included in my Automatic Approvals list to be approved automatically/


    Tim Miller Dyck

  2. That is correct, you must be on the latest version of WSUS (3.0 SP2) and SCUP (4.5.1103.0000) for these catalogs to work.

    To give a little background the "TargetsRTM" is an Windows Installer Attribute that was added in a later release of Windows Installer.  To support this attribute you must be on the latest versions of WSUS and SCUP.

  3. Todd says:

    I get an error when I try import the catalog in SCUP Error 1:  The 'TargetsRTM' attribute is not declared.

  4. Simon says:

    I got this error on a Server 2003 SCCM site, but not on another Server 2008  R2 SCCM site.  The adobe doco (…/Acrobat_Enterprise_Administration.pdf) states 2008 as a requirement.

  5. jens says:

    I have the same problem here, Win03 R2 Server. But I cannot re-install the server only because of Adobe Reader.. Would be great if there was a workaround..

  6. Cass says:

    Same "The 'TargetsRTM' attribute is not declared" with me. Running server 2008 R2, latest SCUP version, and WSUS 3.0 SP2 (latest). Has anyone actually managed to get it to work? I'd be curious to know what their configuration is.

  7. Cass says:

    … On closer inspection it wasn’t the latest version of SCUP. Installed 4.5 and now that error has gone. You can download SCUP 4.5 from here:…/details.aspx Hope that helps!

  8. jens says:

    I was also able to solve the issue by updating SCUP to the latest version. I've read in MS-social that the reason might also be an outdated WSUS. So check those two!

  9. niklas says:

    Will these catalogs work with System Center Essentials?

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