SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practices

3/4/2011 - The SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practice document has been updated. Language information has been added to the "Defining Metadata" section.

11/15/2011 - The SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practice document has been updated.  The “Revising an update vs. new update” section has been updated along with the addition of the “Creation Date” section.

Over the past year I have received lots of questions on how to properly author SCUP catalogs.  Some of the most common questions have been ...

"When should I modify my existing update or create a new one?"
"When should I remove an update from my catalog (and/or SCUP)"?
"Should I use prerequisite rules?"

And many more... 

With all the questions I have decided to create a catalog authoring guide.  This guide provides best practices for anyone that is authoring catalogs.  My hope is to continually update this document as I receive more questions.  If you have authoring questions that are not answered in this document please send me your question here and I will attempt to answer it and later add it to this guide.

You can find the SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practices guide here.

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  1. Thanks for the comments Mark.  The GUID should not be case-sensitive in the catalog.   As for when you need to use a new update, that information will be clarified greatly in the doc soon as there was some incorrect information.  The simple definition is that if you are only changing the metadata then you can keep the same update.  If you need to change/modify the binary you must create (or duplicate then expire the old update) another update.  WSUS does not support updating the binary once it has been published.  You must publish a new update.  I will be updating this information in the document very soon.

  2. Mark says:

    Great info, thank you.  One suggestion for the next version, add info about whether or not GUID detection is case-sensitive.  And add some clarification about the statement that building a new binary might not require a new update.

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