SCUP – Setting command line options for MSI/MSPs

A common question I see frequently on forums and discussion groups is...  “What command line options should I use for MSI/MSP updates to allow them to install?”  The simple answer is usually nothing.  When installing MSI/MSPs through Windows Update Agent the silent install is already enabled. Therefore, unless you have some specific options you need to specify you should leave this field blank.  If there are command line option required for the install, they must be in the “name=value” format, meaning “/qn or /q or /silent” options are invalid for MSI/MSPs.  In old versions of CUPT and SCUP we used to pre-populate /qn REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS to the command line options, we have since removed them as these values are not needed with the Windows Update Agent performing the installation.  Hope that clarifies a few things.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Any updates on this issue?



  2. jim says:

    Can you use a batch file with additional customizations in SCUP?  For example, I want to red rid of any popups, and remove any notifcations of updates and for the most put all this into a batch file along with the actual install file.

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