Removing troublesome Shared Service Providers

Wow, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve blogged here – a lot on my plate I guess. Anyway, on with the show. I recently attended a customer, here in Sydney, with a number of SharePoint issues. One of these was an inability to delete old, defunct SSPs in Central Administration. For some reason, the…


It’s not SharePoint, but it’s moderately interesting

Like many of you out there, I have a Windows Mobile Smartphone. The one in my case is an i-Mate SP5, and I really like it. Recently though, it developed a problem which was really annoying me. By default, it offers quick access to menu items using the numeric keypad. For example: 1. Phone2. Sounds3….


On the subject of the Central Admin website

I’ve been rooting round in SharePoint internals today, mostly out of curiosity, after a fellow engineer here at the GTSC mentioned changing the port number on which Central Admin is published. We have a supported way, and some unsupported ways, and some ways that are sort of outside the scope of SharePoint entirely. So I figured…


Blogging catchup and mailbox spring clean

Having recently spent some time in India attending training on Microsoft Search Server 2008, and having been quite sick as a result, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of SharePoint blogging to catch up with. First of all, to comment on Search Server: This is a great product. It significantly builds on the search already…


I love Sushi

No, I really, really love sushi. Quite often you’ll find me dining out at Hamachi-Ya, Sushi Train, Sapporo or Sushi Club, four of my favourite japanese restaurants in Sydney. So imagine my joy when I found SharePoint Sushi, a neat UI utility to carry out all those day-to-day annoying tasks like backing up, restoring, security…


EventID 5566 Troubleshooting in InfoPath Form Services

This post has been snatched from the headlines of Premier Support. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Now read on… Imagine for a moment you’re creating a new InfoPath form t recieve user input. Imagine furthermore that you’re pre-populating this InfoPath form with information from a web service, in this case based…


Hear Ye, Hear Ye… Apurdon now a blogger

My long-time colleague and soon-to-be defector to Premier Field Engineering Andrew Purdon has joined us on planet blog with the opening of “The Office Sharepoint Server Experience”. His opening post deals with customising Access Request emails and by extension touches upon customisation of SharePoint file within the _layouts folder, upon which we have published advice. To paraphrase:…


PSA: Are your customised site definitions supported?

We (Microsoft) have lots published guidance on customising SharePoint for your own specific needs. We provide lots of built-in site definitions for various purposes, but sometimes you need to tweak those to suit your own scenario. But are your tweaks supported? Well that depends. If you’ve modified a built-in site definition directly, you are in…



The subject of today’s post: running code in sharepoint with elevated rights, an operation sometimes required, sometimes abused and often misunderstood. The WSS Object Model provides a huge number of classes, some of which can carry-out potentially dodgy actions, so require elevation to run. Ordinarily you’d just deal with this by logging in as a…


Quickie blog post: SharePoint SDK available, quick note on discusson lists

The Sharepoint SDK (officially, the “SharePoint Server 2007 SDK: Software Development Kit and Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit”) is downloadable from If you develop .NET applications for SharePoint, or support said applications, then you’re going to need this sooner or later. Note: it’s also viewable online. the second quick note: if you plan on…