A little bit about me…

Hello, world! After almost my first full year at Microsoft, I've finally taken the time to start my very own shiny, new TechNet blog. I wanted a place to share strange and/or interesting things I come across in my day-to-day interactions with Microsoft customers, as well as general knowledge on anything related to Microsoft technologies.

During my 17 years in the industry, I've supported quite a few of the major Microsoft products, including Windows Server, SMS/SCCM, Exchange Server, and Hyper-V. My niche has always been working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), including Group Policy, and Certificate Services, but my real passion has always been scripting/automation.

Helping individuals and organizations work more efficiently has always given me a lot of personal satisfaction. So, you'll probably see me blogging quite a bit about a variety of things you can do with Windows PowerShell, from simple one-liners to complex modules, all aimed at making the daily grind of a system administrator just a little bit easier. I've been working with PowerShell for almost 10 years now, however, I'm still learning new things every day, and I hope to share them with you as often as my schedule allows.


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