Giving Non Administrators permission to read Event Logs Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Apologies for not blogging for sometime. I have been away on vacation, out of the country on training plus work commitments so add that up and it equals and enforced hiatus. Plus of course do not forget the Volcano :). Well I am back now and have an interesting information around Event Log access and…


Enterprise Domain Controllers Group and Group Policies

Myself and a colleague Mark Empson have been developing a New Service entitled a GPO Health Check that looks at every aspect of the health of your Group Policies. Well one of the tests involved was checking for any Group Policies that had only the Read Group Policy Object permission and not the Apply Group…


How to modify a system owned object

Hello, I had an interesting customer request recently that I thought I would share with you. Prior to an upgrade to 2003 they had an account which was used for Remote Desktop Users. On upgrading to 2003 this account became replaced by a System Owned Object with exactly the same name. So their question to…


Correction for Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008

Hi Everyone, We want to let you know that there is a correction to the link to download “Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008”. So if you are looking for it the link is here Apologies if you have had trouble finding it


Scalable Networking Pack revisited for 2008

A customer of mine has been enquiring about the current situation of Scalable Networking Pack in relation to Windows 2008. Out of my research I have come up with the following information plus also some recommendations. After Windows 2003 SP2  this setting was enabled by default. Many customers experienced some issues This was related…


Bite size Learning Snacks

well this is a rather neat addition to our methods of learning. If you really want to just dip your toe into a subject and have a “snack” then please see the following range of  “Learning Snacks” For other Windows Server 2008 Learning Snacks, please visit: Windows Server 2008   Introducing Branch Office Server in…


Get on the Bus comes to Europe

  Hi Everyone, This is a great opportunity to “GET ON THE BUS” and take advantage of getting your hands on the latest Software, Training, and excellent guidance and information from top technical experts. There are also some great giveaways of Windows 7 bus tour shirts plus much more !. This is also  the chance …


Gui for 2008 r2 Recycle Bin

Hi just a quick post while I think of it. I have just found a GUI to our Recycle Bin Powershell command line. Check it out and download from  here. Features Supports Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Recycle Bin technology Supports Object reanimation in earlier versions of Active Directory Review deleted objects Restore multiple…


RODC Branch Office Guide Ready for download

I have been working with 2008 Forests and customers moving towards this environment quite alot recently. Therefore I would like to bring your attention to a newly completed and updated guide which is now available for download; The Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) Branch Office Guide is now live on TechNet and the Download Center! ·…


MCT Virtual Conference – See you Virtually There !

  On the theme of going Virtual and saving all those expensive Travel Costs. Then MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) checkout this opportunity to get some excellent online technical and professional training. Being an MCT since 1996  …. :).  I know the value of keeping your skillset up to date. There are some great sessions lined…