TechNet Conference Virtual Event 19th June 2009

  Hi , I think this is definitely worth a mention. I know that many of your are experiencing very restricted travel limitations due to the current Economic Climate. Well to help you maintain and grow your skills we are running a Virtual Technet Conference. Some of the highlights are as follows; The Technology sessions,…


Some more Windows 7 Learning Resources

Hello, Microsoft Learning has made available some great Windows 7 Learning resources. See below for some more information. The great thing is that they are packaged up to suit different types of Audiences. So get ahead of the wave in Windows 7 and Enjoy ! These Clinics are geared towards three different audiences, and focus…


Windows 7 Release Candidate Resources

Hi, With the release of Windows 7 Release Candidate the back end of last week. Please find below a list of invaluable resources that Technet has made available. Download Windows 7 Release Candidate now The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is now available to download for everyone, and is available until June 2009 to download….


Friday Snowy Roundup Windows 7

Well it is a well know fact that us British are not great when it comes to managing when it snows. So I am working from home today after struggling back from Derby last night after a bit of a horrendous journey due to train cancellations. My children however are having great fun enjoying the…