Great Videos to help you learn Cool Stuff

I was reading an internal Newsletter and I found some great information about some great funky videos to help you learn lots about Windows 7 and Office. These are a little bit different from our normal corporate videos. But I found them cool informative . Check them out here Also I think I must…


Busy first day at Bett2010 despite the Snow !

Well I was busy working at Bett 2010 today at Olympia despite the snow. I left for Olympia at 6.30am this morning and I was quite suprised when I stepped outside my door into 4 inches of snow. Our Stand at Olympia has been very busy all day. See Below; There has been a tremendous…


A couple of cool downloads for your Win 7 Platform

I had a couple of informative emails today bringing my attention to some great new tools and utilities. The first one is the Windows System State Analyzer as blogged about by the  Ask the Performance team. I never realise this functionality existed . As they state on their blog. “The basic functionality of the System…


A great initiative and offer Home Access

As part of my training for BETT I learnt about the HOME ACCESS programme. This looks a really fantastic initiative to open up access to computing to children and parents who are less privileged. As I sat at home watching my two boys using Xbox 360, ps3 etc . Plus moving through applications and surfing…


Correction for Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008

Hi Everyone, We want to let you know that there is a correction to the link to download “Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008”. So if you are looking for it the link is here Apologies if you have had trouble finding it


Great Practical Use for Search Folders

Hi I recently had an interesting question posed by my customer with regards to search issues within Outlook 2007 and the way WDS works in Windows Vista and Windows 7 The user in question used outlook for around 80% of their working day. This involved them search for work orders and service requests and dealing…


Windows 7 Party…in UK Style

  Microsoft MVP Mark Parris is hosting a Windows 7 (Public) House Party on 26th October in the Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower Public House, Ashtead, Surrey. Mark will be raffling off a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate with all proceeds go to Help for Heroes/ Headley Court. Please come along and help a great…


Get on the Bus comes to Europe

  Hi Everyone, This is a great opportunity to “GET ON THE BUS” and take advantage of getting your hands on the latest Software, Training, and excellent guidance and information from top technical experts. There are also some great giveaways of Windows 7 bus tour shirts plus much more !. This is also  the chance …


The North East VBUG meeting Great Line up Planned

This has been in my inbox for a while and I overlooked it. Which is not suprising because my Outlook triage skills are awful. My colleague Richard Diver is trying to put me back on the straight and narrow and introduce me to the art of time-slicing and categories……at the moment I feel like standing…


MCT Virtual Conference – See you Virtually There !

  On the theme of going Virtual and saving all those expensive Travel Costs. Then MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) checkout this opportunity to get some excellent online technical and professional training. Being an MCT since 1996  …. :).  I know the value of keeping your skillset up to date. There are some great sessions lined…