Powershell script to help check WMI setting has been configured

We all know how powerful Powershell is, so it is great to highlight an example of where it was showed to be very effective and really quick to create a positive result. Recently I highlighted and issue that affected 2003 Domain Controllers which caused High CPU on WMIprvse.exe caused by a memory leak dnsprov.dll. http://blogs.technet.com/janelewis/archive/2009/12/18/high-cpu-on-wmiprvse-exe-caused-by-memory-leak-dnsprov-dll-windows-2003.aspx…


Merry Christmas Everyone !

Well this will be my last blog of the year. I have really enjoyed my blogging adventure so far. I hope you keep travelling with me on my journey. Since I have started work at Microsoft I have had a ball…and been really enjoying all the opportunities that have been presented to me so far….

Powershell – The Vision the Future

I am learning Powershell as much as my time allows.The importance of Powershell in Exchange 2007  cannot be underestimated. Powershell drives Exchange 2007. In point of fact the Exchange Management Console (the new graphical console for Exchange 2007) is built entirely on top of MMC 3.0 and PowerShell. It is very different from Exhange System Manager for Exchange 2003. It is…