Safer Internet Day 9th February 2010

    Being a Mum of two young boys who avidly use the Facebook, MSN, Online Gaming, Mobile phones I am very aware of the importance of keeping them safe online and clear about what to do if they feel uncomfortable in any way. On the 9th of February Microsoft are taking part in Safer…


A great initiative and offer Home Access

As part of my training for BETT I learnt about the HOME ACCESS programme. This looks a really fantastic initiative to open up access to computing to children and parents who are less privileged. As I sat at home watching my two boys using Xbox 360, ps3 etc . Plus moving through applications and surfing…


“Badda Bing!” Ok I am looking for suggestions all clean please :). With the launch of Bing (Beta) in the U.K. we have caused quite flurry of responses across the I.T. press.  So I am sat here thinking it would be great to have a Bing speak competition. So if you can think of some…


Get Safe Online

My two boys are growing up fast and as a consequence are using the computer more and more. I think I am a responsible parent who is pretty Internet and security savvy and ensure they are exposed to an Internet Environment that I monitor and control. However not everyone is as I.T. Literate plus also…


Have your cake and eat it !!

This made me laugh….well it is Friday. Apparently the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sent the Firefox team a Congratulations cake for shipping ontime !….I wonder if anyone will send us a cake when we launch our EVO (Exchange Vista and Office) in the very near future.:)


Join the suds

We need you to help us populate our Soapbox with all your favorite cool, amusing informative and plain different videos !. So join in the launch of our Beta. Information about joining was posted in many different places but Michael Gannottis Blog has some great information and details regarding signing up. So do it now…


Self Spamming – Can it be me ?

I was reading the blog Forensic Focus, which talks about an article posted on the BBC which talks about how Spam email is often tied up with sophisticated online crime.This got me thinking about the visibility of my own email address. My own personal email address is very “old” in the sense it is “old” on the Internet….


Getting on my Soapbox

It has been really interesting reading the Industry reaction to the launch of Microsofts entry into the user-generated video explosion namely Soapbox .Registration is currently by invitation only.  I have been reading various websites and Weblogs notably, blog and noted the very interesting observations and comments. There were some also very insightful repsonses to this blog as…


Internet Explorer 7 – Getting to grips with new functionality

I have installed IE7 Beta 3 and have been experimenting with some of the new functionality. I am really enjoying  one of the cool things a fellow colleague in PFE (Premier Field Engineering)  Mark Thomas recently highlighted to me. This  is the following feature, The extensible search feature. This feature allows you to take advantage of certain Web…